Happy Earth Day!

By BATC | April 22, 2019

Happy Earth Day! Today and every day it’s important to do everything we can to help out ol’ Mother Earth! Partnering with BATC is a great way to help reduce your impact on the environment by reducing waste volume and your carbon footprint. Bonus? You’ll save money too!

P200 Vertical Compactor Top Money-Saving Product of 2019

By BATC | April 2, 2019

P200 Vertical Compactor Named Top Money-Saving Product of 2019 Buildings Magazine named our P200 Vertical Compactor one of the top eight money-saving products of 2019! These solar powered trash compactors manage waste while reducing a company’s carbon footprint. Trash is compacted up to 6:1, reducing pickups by 66-85 percent. This translates to a hauling cost […]

McDonald’s San Ramon

By BATC | March 12, 2019

McDonald’s – San Ramon Out with the old, in the with NEW! McDonald’s was tired of the inefficient, leaking, smelly horizontal compactor from yesteryear. This operator has now replaced equipment at six locations with our highly efficient and easy-to-use vertical Summit Compactors. These proven compactors pack at an efficient 5 or 6:1 ratio as opposed […]

Nation’s Hamburgers – Bay Area

By BATC | March 12, 2019

Nation’s Hamburgers – Bay Area Nation’s Hamburgers, the Bay Area favorite, is way ahead of its time. The restaurants (and pie shop) have been using our indoor and outdoor compactors for years to improve operations and save money on garbage costs. Now, they are composting what used to be trash and have installed our new […]

Pepsi Co- Hayward

By BATC | January 4, 2019

Pepsi Co – Hayward Bay Area Trash Compactor just installed five of our high density Bramidan balers at the Pepsi Bottling Plant in Hayward. Pepsi staff will be baling plastics with the new low-profile X6030 baler which puts out an amazing 88,200 lbs of force producing plastic bales up to 1,300 lbs! With a decibel […]

Residence Hall – UC Berkeley

By BATC | November 1, 2018

Residence Hall – UC Berkeley Bay Area Trash Compactor installs a low profile Nedland self-contained compactor with a custom dock-mounted cart tipper to simplify compost handling. BATC supports UC Berkely’s zero-waste initiatives daily, with compost compactors, cardboard balers and solar powered compactors spread across campus. See some of our products, here.

Shaklee Corporation – Pleasanton, CA

By BATC | November 1, 2018

Shaklee Corporation – Pleasanton, CA Like most corporate offices, Shaklee was looking to better manage their cardboard, which had previously been overflowing the recycle bin. As you can see, the staff is excited to never have to manually flatten a box again. Our Bramidan B-5 Baler does the work. Then it will text staff when […]

El Camino Hospital – Sunnyvale, CA

By BATC | September 1, 2018

El Camino Hospital – Sunnyvale, CA El Camino Hospital had a challenge: build a custom cart-tipper that can safely handle two different types of carts, save dock space and provide a leak-proof compactor. BATC answered the call! BATC and Nedland Compactors designed and built a beautiful solution: custom tipper and a catwalk with a self-contained […]

American Campus, Blackwell Hall – UC Berkeley

By BATC | August 1, 2018

American Campus, Blackwell Hall at UC Berkeley UC’s Zero Waste Director asked BATC to take a look at the brand new American Campus dormitory building on Durant Ave in Berkeley. Coordinating with the Zero Waste team and American Campus, BATC provided the proven K-pac chute fed automatic compactor for landfill, a Bramidan X25 Low Profile […]

California Higher Education Sustainability Conference – Santa Barbara, CA

By BATC | July 1, 2018

CHESC – Santa Barbara, CA Bay Area Trash Compactor was invited to speak and display at the California Higher Education Sustainability Conference for the 2nd year in a row. The event is held at the beautiful UC Santa Barbara – thus the Hawaiian shirt. Mike presented to sustainability leaders at the Zero-Waste breakout session. BATC […]